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Supremo Blend

Toasty, Rich Chocolate with a lingering finish

A delicious blend of coffee from Colombia, Brazil, Rwanda and Timor Raimutin. Supremo is perfect for those looking for a rich, satisfying coffee that suits both milk and black coffee.

Supremo is our homage to the Melbourne style espresso we grew up drinking.
Coffee carefully selected from Colombia and Brazil builds a rich, toasty chocolate base, a little coffee from Rwanda and Timor-Leste is added to balance the sweet notes and carry through in milk.
This classic blend has broad appeal and is versatile and easy to prepare. Rich, chocolatey flavours conjure up memories of breakfast in Acland Street, brunch in Glenferrie Road and after dinner in Lygon Street.

 ORIGIN Colombia, Rwanda, Brazil, Timor Raimutin
PROCESS Washed and Natural