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Meet Wayne and Cleo the founders of Silva Coffee Roasters.

We began roasting small batches of coffee in 2010 using a home coffee roaster that Wayne designed and built. Drawing on his career in the technical industry and a driving curiosity to create, we invested in our first commercial roaster and began to develop a unique flavour profile for Silva Coffee. Cleo's passion for flavour and desire to share and celebrate with others, forms the other half of this great partnership, it is not uncommon to hear her say, "You have to try this!”. 

Our journey led us to start trading coffee at Farmers Markets and festivals throughout the Yarra Valley and Victoria. Today we have a dedicated team who are just as coffee obsessed and devoted to the bean, and are proudly supplying Silva Coffee to cafes, restaurants, wineries and homes across Australia.

Silva Coffee reflects our desire to make a positive impact on the world and its people. There is a strong focus to contribute at a local level. We are committed to our local community and provide delicious, fresh coffee, local business partnerships, employment and community engagement. At a global level we source coffee from social and environmentally sustainable suppliers, supporting social improvement programs for coffee farmers and their communities, purchasing Rainforest Alliance and Fairtrade certified coffee and ensuring a fair price is paid to the farmer when full price transparency is available.

We invite you to Discover, Taste and Enjoy.