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Canopy Cocoa Drinking Chocolate from the Amazon

Canopy Cocoa 38% drinking chocolate contains two natural ingredientsOrganic rapadura sugar and Cocoa powder 38% 

It is delicious and perfect for hot and cold beverages alike. The high-fat content of the cocoa (26%) contributes to a rich, velvety texture that enhances the chocolate flavor and provides a decadent mouthfeel. The notes of caramel from the rapadura sugar add an extra layer of complexity to the flavours, making it a truly delicious and satisfying beverage. Canopy Cocoa Drinking Chocolate is filled with essential vitamins and minerals, good for your body and mind. 

Delicious ripe cocoa is sourced from deep in the Amazonian Forest by indigenous communities and cooperatives who harvest the natural cacao under the Amazon’s canopy to sustainably bring income to their communities. Learn more about the people and passion behind Canopy Cocoa.

Classic Hot Chocolate Recipe

Enjoy this delicious, classic hot chocolate recipe. This recipe is sure to be a winner for adults and kids alike!

Recipe Ingredients
4 teaspoons (20g) of Canopy Cocoa Drinking Chocolate per mug
180ml milk or milk alternative 

1. Heat milk or alternative milk into a pot over the stove, until warm, using a whisk to stir.
2. Add Canopy Cocoa Drinking Chocolate (4 teaspoons/180ml milk)
3. Whisk until all ingredients are combined and milk is just starting to bubble
4. Pour into mugs and enjoy

Even easier to whip up using steamed milk from a coffee machine! Enjoy.