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Coffee Tasting

Coffee Tasting

Join us for a coffee tasting!

Together with friends or the coffee lover in your life join us for a coffee tasting and discover how origin, processing method and roast profile effect the flavours of coffee.

This 30 minute experience guided by our expert barista includes:

•  Enjoy an espresso, piccolo or filter flight, including cascara tea.

•  Discover the unique flavours of specialty coffee from different origins

•  See how green coffee seeds look and feel before they are roasted

$20 per person |  30 minute session  |  Max. 5 people

If you would like to join us for a coffee tasting, you can message us here >

Sessions are available every Wednesday - Saturday, 9am - 3pm. 
If you know what day you would like to visit, please let us know below and we will be in touch to confirm your booking.

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