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Sponsor a Timor Coffee Tree and make a difference in the Timor-Leste coffee sector.

We are proud to be working in partnership with Ameta, Coffee Farmer and Entrepreneur and Raw Material Coffee to bring you delicious coffee from the island country of Timor Leste, just 400km off the North coast of Australia.

Ameta’s coffee farm and wet-mill is located in Atsabe in the Ermera region of Timor-Leste, he is committed to improving coffee production quality, sustainable farming methods, productivity and coffee prices for himself and others farmers in Atsabe.

Your sponsorship includes a bag of coffee from the microlot 2025 harvest, regular updates about the farm, a 5% discount on Timor coffee, VIP invites to Timor coffee tastings and events, and merchandise discounts. Invest in sustainable farming practices and enjoy a unique coffee-drinking experience.


On our travels to Ameta's coffee farm and wet-mill in Atsabe, we were honored to be presented with our very own 'Silva Coffee Microlot' of 100 coffee trees. In two years time the coffee will be ready to harvest and we'll decide on the processing method, washed, natural or honey and ship it to the Yarra Valley to roast for you!

We are delighted to share this unique experience with Silva Coffee customers and are offering a special opportunity to sponsor your own coffee plant from our
‘Silva Coffee Microlot’ in Timor-Leste. As a sponsor your contribution will help to raise healthy, strong coffee and shade tree seedlings for coffee farmers in Atsabe, propagated and raised in the coffee nursery at Ameta’s coffee farm and wet-mill.


01 Select the number of coffee trees you want to sponsor

02 Receive photos, videos and information about the process of growing and harvesting your tree

03 Receive updates and news from Ameta's coffee farm and wet-mill in Atsabe

04 500g of coffee from our Silva Coffee microlot harvest in 2025

05 5% Discount code for any Silva Coffee Timor coffee products

06 VIP invite to Timor-Leste coffee events. For example cupping new Timor coffees

07 Timor-Leste coffee merchandise discounts

Let us know if you have any questions or email us to receive additional information at