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Honduras Amprocal Organic

Cocoa, Stone Fruit, Malt


Honduras Amprocal is a rich, full-bodied coffee with a lingering malt finish. Excellent for black coffee drinkers and delicious in milk and alternative milks, a true delight for any coffee lover.

Amprocal is a coffee cooperative which was set up by women to strengthen the presence of female producers in the local coffee culture. This is giving women in Honduras the chance to showcase their highest quality coffee and take control of their own business. Amprocal has 56 members all of whom are female, the cooperative supports its producers with sustainable coffee production and good agricultural practices. It is the first in the region to be carbon neutral; they produce biogas from the waste waters of coffee which is used to power their office. 

In addition, Amprocal provides teacher salaries, supplies to schools, and supports communities with sports programs via uniforms and monies to build fields. These activities really help the local communities to grow and give children fun activities to learn about teamwork and leadership.

The cooperative support producers by offering technical assistance so they are able to turn the pulp and honey water waste products into organic fertilizers and foliar sprays through fermentation. They provide producers with credit for farm maintenance, new plantations, renovation, and advance payments for coffee at accessible interest rates. This is vital for the continued growth of female coffee producers in this region and goes a long way to promote sustainability and to empower women in the region.