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AeroPress Brew Guide

The AeroPress is a flexible and easy way to make a delicious cup of coffee. Great for camping, travelling or even the office, prepare your own freshly brewed coffee wherever you are!



  • AeroPress or AeroPress Go set
  • 15g (1 heaped scoop) of medium to medium-fine ground coffee
  • AeroPress paper filter or re-usable stainless steel filter
  • 225ml of boiling water
  • Sturdy mug or decanter
  • Timer
  • Scales (optional



1. Remove the plunger and the cap from the chamber

2. Place the filter inside the cap and twist tightly the cap onto the brewer and place on the cup

3. Add coffee into the AeroPress and shake to level

4. Start timer and gently pour 225 ml of hot water into the chamber. Aim to saturate all the grounds (right above number 3 mark on the AeroPress chamber if you do not have scales)

5. Then immediately insert the plunger about 1cm into the brewer to create a vacuum and to prevent coffee from dripping into the cup. Wait 1:30 minutes.

6. Holding the brewer and the cup, gently swirl the set several times until the coffee is well stirred

7.Then start pressing slowly the plunger downwards to extract the coffee into your cup, this should take about 20 seconds

8. Pull back the plunger a bit as you lift the AeroPress off the cup

9. Set your cup of coffee on the side to rest and cool down while you are cleaning the AeroPress

10. Remove the cap carefully, and press the plunger all the way through to eject the “puck” of spent grounds into the bin or compost

12. Rinse the AeroPress parts with hot water to clean. We recommend to not use any detergents

13. Enjoy your coffee!


Always store the AeroPress with the plunger pushed all the way in, or completely removed, to avoid compressing the seal.

The AeroPress is particularly flexible with grind sizes, water temperatures and brew times. Experiment with these elements to create your perfect brew.

We love using our Brazil Bom Jesus  beans when preparing coffee with the Aeropress.