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Ethiopia Limou Organic

Mandarine, Chocolate, Creme Brulee

An elegant combination of chocolate, toffee and citrus notes. Excellent for black coffee drinkers and delicious in milk and alternative milks. A must try for any coffee connoisseur.

Produced by the OCFCU (Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union) is made up of 35 small certified organic co-operatives. Its members are indigenous farmers located in the vast Oromia State of southern Ethiopia. The farms are located in mountainous, rainforest areas at altitudes of 1500 - 2300. OCFCU members are dedicated to promoting environmental sustainability and social justice within their communities. The goal of the organisation is to foster economic self-sufficiency amongst its members, to ensure that families can feed themselves when the harvest fails and famine threatens. Women hold a
prominent position within all facets of the organisation.

Limou, Southern Ethiopia
Washed, Organic