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Silva Fressko Reusable Cups

Loving the planet while staying stylish has never been so easy.

All cups include Silva Coffee Roasters logo though it may not be displayed in product image.

The stylish, chemical-free, lightweight, insulated stainless steel reusable coffee cup is the new and improved version of the classic takeaway cafe cup.

Keeping style and our coffees, simple.

Available in 8oz and 12oz, Fressko coffee cups are vacuum sealed, scratch-resistant, have a spill-proof, screw-in, easy to clean, no fuss, lockable lid and internal barista lines.
They fit perfectly under the baristas machine, perfectly in your standard cup holder and are ideal for travel. Stays hot up to 3 hours, dependant on use. 

When style meets sustainability. Spill-proof, easy-clean, insulated and with handy barista lines. Enjoy!

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