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Barista Progear Stainless Steel Milk Jug - 3 Sizes

The Barista Progear jug is a high quality food grade stainless steel milk jug. It features etched increments in ounces and millilitres on the internal side of the jug which helps decrease milk waste. These measurement lines also take out the guess work in how much milk is needed.

The spout and handle are ergonomic which ensures balance and control making the Barista Progear Jug easy to use and great for pouring latte art. The high quality food grade stainless steel body is 0.7mm thick which is perfect for texturing milk, heat transfer (from jug to palm) and temperature control. The Barista Progear Jug is durable, dishwasher safe and perfect for commercial, home or office use.

Choose from three available sizes:

  • 400ml
  • 600ml
  • 950ml