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Guatemala El Jardin

Cacao Nib, Pineapple, Honey finish


This delicate yet tasty coffee makes a medium strength milk based coffee and has a subtle honey sweetness to finish. As a black coffee it is a bit of a prima donna with notes of cacao and dried pineapple singing through.

A fine organic single origin coffee from the El Jardin group of neighbouring farms in the San Marcos region of Guatemala. Farmers use cherry pulp from the wet processing along with manure and other natural waste to make home-made fertiliser to nurture the plants.

The coffee is pulped at a central wet mill owned by the farmers, and fermented on the farms in barrels.
It is then dried on covered beds. Fermentation time can vary between 12-18 hours depending on the weather conditions.

San Marcos region of Guatemala
Organic, washed and sundried