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We will be hosting our virtual Coffee Tasting Class for the Yarra Valley Garden Party
via Zoom on

Sunday 4th October at 9:00am – 10:00am

Sample four specialty coffees from four different coffee growing regions. We have carefully selected these four distinct single origin coffees, to highlight the unique flavours and aromas found within.

Coffee cupping is a method used by coffee growers, green coffee buyers and coffee roasters to taste and evaluate the flavours and quality of the coffee.

You will be guided through a tasting discovery, using the SCA Coffee Taster’s Flavour Wheel; we will sample and identify the aromas, flavours and mouthfeel of four specialty coffees.

We use lightly roasted coffee for cupping to enhance the flavours of the coffee when tasting. To sample the pure flavours of the coffee, it is brewed and tasted without milk. To taste, we quickly slurp in the coffee using the special cupping spoon, allowing the it to spray across the tongue and sides and roof of the mouth. Slurping aerates the coffee and disperses the flavours across the taste buds.

We are pleased to share some of our favourite coffees with you in the Coffee Cupping Class, they are;

• Brazil Bom Jesus
• Yirgacheffe Banko Gotiti
• Colombia Santa Monica
• Sumatra Gayo

DIY kits & event ticket is available on our shop for $45.

Places are limited.
Last day to order for delivery Sunday 27th September.

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