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Kenya Kirinyaga ~ Filter

Blackcurrant, Bergamot, Vanilla


We’re kicking off 2024 with a new limited release Kenya Kirinyaga coffee roasted for filter brewing. Kenyan coffee is a favourite of ours at Silva and we're excited to share this special release until it's gone!

Bright jammy, blackcurrant notes are prominent in this outstanding coffee. Roasted lighter for filter, enjoy as a delicious fruit filled pour over or an exceptional full flavoured, juicy cold brew, reminiscent of ‘Ribena’. This is definitely your go to Cold Brew for Summer.

Kirinyaga sits high up on the slopes of Mount Kenya. Kiri Factory is located in Njukiini in Gichugu Division, Kirinyaga County. Njukiini is a local name meaning the place of bees, the Kiri factory has around 1400 producers delivering cherry to be processed.

Processing method: The ripening cherry is meticulously monitored and when they reach optimal maturity are handpicked early in the morning and transported to the wet mill for washing and drying. Washed in water from the dam fed by the River Chania, the coffee
is then sun-dried on raised tables until it reaches 10-12% moisture level, ready to go to the dry mill.

ORIGIN Kirinyaga County
PROCESS Washed and Sundried