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Encore Blend Organic

Rich Red Berry Fruits Wrapped in Chocolate Wafer 


Encore is a blend of coffee from Ethiopia and Sumatra. Each variety of bean is roasted using its own unique roast profile to create a smooth, balanced and delicious cup. 

Encore makes an exceptional long black coffee.

In Ethiopia, the varying soils, micro climates, and countless heirloom coffee tree varietals make for a kaleidoscope of different flavours, with many different farmers and pickers pooling their own unique varietals together for a delicious expression of Ethiopian coffee.

In Sumatra, The Koperasi Baitul Qiradh Baburrayyan Cooperative has 8,000 members. Land rehabilitation projects are a focus, using coffee to bring abandoned land back into production after conflict.

ORIGIN Ethiopia and Indonesia
PROCESS Washed /  Natural / Traditional wet hulled