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AeroPress Brew Guide (Standard Method)

The AeroPress is versatile and easy to use. Great for camping, travel or even the office, prepare your own freshly brewed coffee on the go!


- AeroPress
- 18 grams of your favourite medium-fine ground Silva coffee
- Paper or reusable stainless steel filter
- Kettle with 270mls of hot (94c-96c) water plus extra for pre rinsing
- Long handled stirrer
- Sturdy cup or decanter
- Scales (optional)
- Timer (optional)
- Brew Ratio 1:15 /  Brew Time 3:00 

Aeropress Equipment


STEP 1: Place your filter into the filter cap and pre-soak your filter with hot water

Aeropress filter pre soak

STEP 2: Screw the filter cap onto the base of the brewing chamber and place on top of your cup with the filter at the bottom. Place your cup on the scales and tare the scales

STEP 3: Add 18 grams of  ground coffee into the Aeropress chamber, tare the scales

Add Coffee to Aeropress


STEP 4: Gently pour 270mls of hot water into the chamber over the coffee, and stir for 5 seconds

Adding Water to the Aeropress


STEP 5: At the 2 minute mark stir again for 5 seconds

STEP 6: At 2 minutes and 30 seconds place the plunger into the chamber and slowly push down until you hear air coming from the base. Aim to reach the bottom at the 3 minute mark

Aeropress Plunge


STEP 7: To clean up, hold the AeroPress over a bin, hold horizontally and remove the filter cap, push the plunger to discard the spent coffee grounds. If your are using a reusable filter please remove your filter before plunging

Aeropress Dispense of Coffee Grounds



Can’t get your plunger to fit? Try wetting the rubber seal with hot water before plunging.